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International Glass, Doors and Windows Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey, 2020

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Exhibition venue: TUYAP International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Istanbul

Pavilion Name: Istanbul TUYAP International Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition starting time: March 04, 2020

Closing time: March 07, 2020

Organizer: Reed Tuyap Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Type of Exhibition: International Exhibition

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Introduction to the exhibition:

The exhibition is a well-organized professional exhibition approved by the World Exhibition Federation UFI and sponsored by Reed Tuyap Exhibition Co., Ltd., Turkey. The scale of the exhibition has been expanding year after year, and the number of visitors has increased dramatically. It has a very important impact in the areas where Europe and Asia meet, as well as in North Africa. The four-day exhibition provides a platform for domestic and foreign manufacturers and purchasers from glass, window and curtain wall industries to exhibit products and exchange technology, and to gain a better understanding of the trend of Turkish construction industry. The exhibition showcases the most advanced and up-to-date products and technologies in the world. It provides a rare purchasing and trading platform for global manufacturers and product distributors, and is highly praised by the industry.

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