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Insulating Glass
Insulating Glass
Insulating Glass
Thermal characteristics: lower U value (heat transfer coefficient), inert gas filling effect is more obvious;
  • Optical performance: according to actual needs, very flexible selection of different sunlight transmittance and reflectance;
  • Sound insulation performance: insulating glass can generally reduce noise by 30 decibels, and filled with inert gas can reduce noise by about 5 decibels on the original basis;
  • Anti-condensation performance: IGU dew point is lower than national legislation (-40℃), reaching -65℃ to avoid condensation of IGU;
  • Seal: aluminum frame (space frame) one-time molding, dual-channel seal of butyl rubber and structural rubber or polysulfide rubber to ensure the sealing of the insulating glass unit and extend the life of the insulating glass unit.


Double-glazed windows consist of two or more layers of sheet glass.
With high strength and high airtight compound bonding material around, two or more pieces of glass and sealing tape, glass strip bonding, sealing. The middle is filled with dry gas and the frame is filled with molecular sieve to keep the air dry between the sheets of glass.
Insulating glass is a high-efficiency soundproof and heat-insulating glass made of two (or three) pieces of glass, using
high-strength and air-tight composite adhesive to bond the glass pieces with the aluminum alloy frame containing desiccant. The
insulating glass has many advantages over the ordinary double-layer glass. Its main materials are glass, warm edge spacer, corner
bolt, butyl rubber, polysulfide rubber and desiccant.


Standard Glass Thickness for Insulated Glass

Considering the wind pressure and to avoid glass shaking after the installation of insulating glass.The following standards are strongly recommended for the thickness of glass before insulating.
Area(m²) 2.0-2.6 ㎡ 2.6-2.8 ㎡ 2.8-3.6 ㎡ 3.6-3.8 ㎡
Width/Height / K<0.75 K≥0.75 / K<0.75 K≥0.75
(W/H=K) K>1.3 K≤1.3 K>1.3 K≤1.3
Glass Thickness 5mm 5mm 6mm 6mm 6mm 8mm
Area(m²) 3.8-5.6 ㎡ 5.6-5.8 ㎡ 5.8-7.6 ㎡ 7.6-7.8 ㎡
Width/Height / K<0.75 K≥0.75 / K<0.75 K≥0.75
(W/H=K) K>1.3 K≤1.3 K>1.3 K≤1.3
Glass Thickness 8mm 8mm 10mm 10mm 10mm 12mm


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