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Bulletproof glass is a kind of laminated glass, which is composed of multiple layers of glass and film. The thickness is 20mm or more, and some bulletproof glass with higher requirements can reach 50mm in thickness.

According to the different thickness of glass and laminated film, it can effectively resist pistols, tommy gun, rifles and others different guns’ shooting.

Bulletproof glass is widely used in security facilities, automobiles, airplanes and banking places, etc. It is a high-grade safety glass.


Generally, Bullet-proof glass has the following three-layer structure:

  • Bearing layer: the layer is the first to withstand the impact and break, generally using thick, high strength glass, can destroy the warhead or change the shape of the warhead, so that it loses the ability to continue to move forward.
  •  Transition layer: Generally using organic adhesive material, strong adhesion, good light resistance, can absorb part of the impact energy, change the direction of the bullet. A very strong and transparent chemical film is sandwiched between laminated glass. This can not only effectively prevent bullets from firing, but also has the properties of anti-surge impact, anti-explosion, anti-earthquake and no crack after impact.
  • Safety protection layer: this layer is made of high strength glass or high strength transparent organic materials, has good elasticity and toughness, can absorb most of the impact energy, and ensure that the bullet can not pass through this layer of bulletproof glass the most important performance index is bulletproof ability. Bulletproof capability is measured in terms of security and the ability of the gun to kill.


Level(CN) Gun type Bullet types Bullet speed(m/s) Distance Thickness
(m) (mm)
F64 64 type 7.62mm hand gun al-core 4.72-4.78g 300-320 5 19
F54 54 type 7.62mm hand gun steel-core 5.56-5.69g 420-440 5 21
F79 79 type 7.62mm micro-submachine gun steel-core 5.56-5.69g 480-515 10 25
F56/AK47 56 type 7.62mm submachine gun steel-core 7.75-8.05g 710-725 10 35
FJ79 79 type 7.62mm Sniper rifle steel-core 9.45-9.75g 830-870 10 40
F53(armour-piercing bullet) 53 type 7.62mm Sniper rifle armour-piercing bullet 9.45-9.75g 830-870 10 68


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