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Stained glass also named Tiffany Glass or Mosaic Glass, it’s a kind of mosaic that originated in the Mesopotamian plains of the “two river basins(Tigris and Euphrates)”. It is a kind of mosaic that is embedded in doors, Windows, and roofs. Location, The art of beauty through light. At first, because theglass production process was limited and it was impossible to produce large pieces of glass, smart craftsmen came up with a way to mix small pieces of glass into large pieces of glass with specific patterns. So the mosaic glass was born.

The earliest appearance of stained inlaid glass can be traced back to the park 675 years, and the color inlaid glass inlaid with lead can be traced back to the 7th century. The pinnacle of colored inlaid glass as an art form was in the Middle Ages. It was mainly used to “narrate” the Bible story in the form of pictures and to the illiterate people

Second stage: 120° to 250°C, gasification of evaporative light oil;
Third stage: from 250°~500°C, gasification of fuel oil and tar combustion;
Fourth stage: from 500°~580°C, the glass powder in the glaze begins to melt, and the surface of the substrate glass softens slightly;
Fifth stage: from 580°~620°C, glass glaze powder is completely melted, pigment powder is also melted into it, then the vitreous surface


Screen printing glass has a unique texture that cannot be replaced by other materials. It can print customers' favorite patterns and shapes on glass clearly and accurately. After baking at high temperature, it can resist acid and alkali.
Environmental protection screen printed glass, clarity, fidelity, great advantages are widely used in the construction of exterior walls, interior walls, furniture, cabinets, booths, screens, home appliances, solar energy. The company's designers can, according to customer requirements, design a variety of pattern styles for your choice.
Performance Features:
1. High strength, safety, impact resistance, tempered glass;

2. Color, pattern variety, can be customized according to customer requirements, the decorative effect is outstanding;

3 colored glazed glass will absorb, reflect part of the solar energy, the shading effect is obvious;

4 layer screen printing glaze has good chemical stability, good corrosion resistance to various acids and bases;

5 can be made of glazed flat tempered glass, curved tempered glass, semi-tempered glass;




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